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Meet Our Entrepreneurs

Working together to better our community!

Support our members by ordering their products or hiring them for your next event! 

This group of members have access to our commercial kitchen space.

Cherry's Baking Co.

Our slogan speaks for itself: “not that plain cheesecake.” We offer custom cakes and 30 different varieties of gourmet cheesecakes, spirit-infused cheesecakes, special dietary option cheesecakes, as well as for special occasions.

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Small urban farm with a 25 hive apiary. We sell local, organic, raw, unfiltered honey and hand poured beeswax candles.

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Ma Ada's Water Ice

Ms. Ada and her husband always dreamed about opening a water-ice business. When he passed away she decided to make that dream a reality, bringing the family together to share water-ice magic with the city.

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Philly Smoke SoCo is run by the family business of DNA. Comprised of owner Derrick, son Nasir, and co-owner Abena, what started with a BBQ sauce for family cookouts that has morphed into a family company. 

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Philly Smoke SoCo

By using Rhythm + Heat Spices, I’ve taken the guess-work out of some of your basic meals. But don’t be fooled, the complexity in these developed flavors will open up your world to endless possibilities.  You’ll now deem your favorite dishes – and many more – easy and effortless! 

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STR Chef for Hire

Mark Saunders is excited to expand his Personal Culinary Service business to more clients, bringing the Personal Check to your doorstep.

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The Stand
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Antinette Watson's mission through the Stand is to equip the next generation with skills & experiences they need to become successful. At The Stand you will find the best grilled food in the city! 

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Velvet Cakes by Gwen

Monique Outerbridge is passionate about creating custom cakes, cupcakes and desserts with a little bliss in every bite.

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Paradise Pickles and Sauce

From volunteering to being in the right place at the right time, owner and operator Curtis Harris found his way to business by being open to possibilities. 

Vegan In Motion

I create dishes from scratch utilizing spices, herbs, legumes, grains, and fresh produce, and incorporate mock meat protein upon request. Healthy eating has been a way of life for me since I was 18. I have researched articles and recipes throughout the years and have experimented with an array of food products. My training is self-taught, though currently enrolled in the Rouxbe Plant-based Culinary School to hone my skills and become certified as a professional chef. I am enthusiastic about taking my experience to the next level.

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Chef K Lamar

As a native of the Philadelphia, PA area, CHEF K LAMAR has been supplying his customers in the Tri-State area with the absolute best in the culinary industry. Get our freshest and most delicious products for a fair price.

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Desserts de Corazon

Desserts de Corazón is Spanglish for “desserts from the heart”. Which is simply what I offer and what identifies myself and my business. I focus mainly on modern custom cakes and cupcakes. My cakes and desserts, along with the basics, include a variety of Mexican and Latin inspired flavors that are not widely available at local bakeries. I aim to not only make my desserts beautiful, but delicious as well. Most importantly, always baked de todo corazón (from the heart).

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Hi there, Janet here. I am the Master Chef and owner of Akwaaba Eats. I love cooking, and anyone who has tasted any of my dishes has relished every bite and wanted more. In November 2019, the idea came to mind to invite the world to enjoy my delicious gourmet dishes. This concept birthed Akwaaba Eats and we have never looked back. "Akwaaba" in the Ghanaian Akan language means "Welcome". At Akwaaba Eats, we aim to make our patrons feel welcome and relaxed while talking to us, placing an order or enjoying our delicious meals. It is our pleasure to bring authentic Ghanaian cuisine with a touch of grandma’s secret spices to the Delaware public. The sizzling aroma of great Ghanaian dishes on our food truck will draw the masses to enjoy mouthfuls of bursting flavors.

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Akwaaba Eats
Ken-Do Spice

When Western medicine failed me, I decided to make lifestyle changes that aligned with my spirit. My journey to wellness and my passion for cooking inspired me to create Ken-Do Spice. Mother Earth has provided us with life- changing ingredients for optimal health. Finding the perfect harmony of taste is my gift to you. With all the unpredictable stressors that life brings, great tasting meals and beneficial supplements are no longer one of them. Ken-Do Spice blends were created for cooks at any level that want to create flavorful dishes with healing benefits that can satisfy both the body and soul.

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Crave by Courtney Michelle

A caterer for over 10 years, Courtney catered her first wedding in 2014. After taking a few years off with her children, she has recently jumped back in with Crave. Her love for cooking started early. Never realizing kneeling in kitchen chairs, watching her mom and mom-mom cook, it was actually her learning & studying the ropes. Her mom still tells the story about how she fried my first batch of chicken wings at 12. Unsupervised and I had no permission 🤣  Courtney just knew she was sick of lunchmeat sandwiches and hotdogs and I wanted some dang chicken. Came out perfect too and the house did not burn down, the rest is history! 

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Bea Delightful

Bea Delightful began as a passion with Chef Beatrice that has turned into a growing business throughout the state of Delaware and the Tri-State region.

Chef Beatrice’s love for desserts began when she was a little girl.  Through her mother’s home-baking talents, she watched as she always made cakes for friends and family.  Chef Beatrice grew up helping her mother in the kitchen every weekend. Soon, the torch was passed on but would flourish into a thriving business. 

Bea Delightful is now an award-winning business that has touched every part of the Tri-State with its delectable and savory desserts, treats, and more. From cakes to popcorn and beyond, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a large catering order you need or treats for your next special event, Bea Delightful is here to serve.

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Monet Anise

Chef Monet is a passionate culinary artist with over a decade of experience delighting palates with exquisite flavors and creative presentations. From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, Chef Monet brings a blend of expertise, innovation, and personalized service to every occasion. With a commitment to using fresh, high quality ingredients and a flair for crafting diverse menus that cater to all tastes and dietary preferences, Chef Monet ensures each culinary experience is memorable and truly unforgettable.

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Flavor Dish Food Truck is a culinary delight on wheels, passionately dedicated to delivering an explosion of taste to our customers. Our mission extends beyond the kitchen, aiming to not only satisfy taste buds but also to foster a sense of community by being a positive and vibrant presence wherever we go. Through our diverse and flavorful menu, we aspire to bring people together, support one another, and create memorable experiences that transcend the boundaries of a typical food truck encounter.

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